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Getting error "No overload for method 'SearchMovie' takes 2 arguments"


So I followed the example code in other issues and some of the discussions and attempted to do a simple movie search within a WP7 app:
        Tmdb api = new Tmdb("fe70d87ac63c80838496a45ae99f4423", "en");
         var response_movie = api.SearchMovie("Star Wars", 1);
which should work but I get an error stating "No overload for method 'SearchMovie' takes 2 arguments", any idea why? It seems no one else is having this issue.


watway wrote Apr 7, 2013 at 11:17 PM

Only the asynchronous methods are available through the WP7 library. So your search would look something like:
Tmdb api = new Tmdb("apikey", "en");
api.SearchMovie("Star Wars", 1, null, tmdbResult =>
        var result = tmdbResult.Data;