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Using the Library

Add a reference to WatTmdb.dll to your project.

The main api class is Tmdb in the WatTmdb.V3 namespace. The constructer takes your API key, and also an option language string, for example "en", or you can pass null. Instructions to obtain an API key can be found here.

WatTmdb.V3.Tmdb api = new Tmdb("apikey", "en");
WatTmdb.V3.Tmdb api = new Tmdb("apikey");

The api class contains most of the methods currently available by The Movie Db service, except those that are used for updating information back into The Movie Db.

Available Methods

TmdbConfiguration GetConfiguration()

TmdbMovieSearch SearchMovie(string query, int page)
TmdbPersonSearch SearchPerson(string query, int page)
TmdbCompanySearch SearchCompany(string query, int page)

Movie Collections
TmdbCollection GetCollectionInfo(int CollectionID)

Movie Info
TmdbMovie GetMovieInfo(int MovieID)
TmdbMovie GetMovieByIMDB(string IMDB_ID)
TmdbMovieAlternateTitles GetMovieAlternateTitles(int MovieID, string Country)
TmdbMovieCast GetMovieCast(int MovieID)
TmdbMovieImages GetMovieImages(int MovieID)
TmdbMovieKeywords GetMovieKeywords(int MovieID)
TmdbMovieReleases GetMovieReleases(int MovieID)
TmdbMovieTrailers GetMovieTrailers(int MovieID)
TmdbSimilarMovies GetSimilarMovies(int MovieID, int page)
TmdbTranslations GetMovieTranslations(int MovieID)

Person Info
TmdbPerson GetPersonInfo(int PersonID)
TmdbPersonCredits GetPersonCredits(int PersonID)
TmdbPersonImages GetPersonImages(int PersonID)

Miscellaneous Movie
TmdbNowPlaying GetNowPlayingMovies(int page)
TmdbPopular GetPopularMovies(int page)
TmdbTopRated GetTopRatedMovies(int page)
TmdbUpcoming GetUpcomingMovies(int page)

Company Info
TmdbCompany GetCompanyInfo(int CompanyID)
TmdbCompanyMovies GetCompanyMovies(int CompanyID, int page)

Genre Info
TmdbGenre GetGenreList()
TmdbGenreMovies GetGenreMovies (int GenreID)

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watway Jul 31, 2012 at 1:41 PM 
If you're after a list of the Genres available, you can use the GetGenreList method. If you have any requests or suggestions for methods please use the Discussions board and I'll be more than happy to discuss with you. Thanks.

zibbyi Jul 23, 2012 at 12:41 AM 
I would like request GetMovieGenres method, thanks a lot - Zibby